Top We Buy Houses Company Prioritizes Columbia Real Estate Over Baltimore

August 23, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ -

Baltimore has been a preferred choice for many investors. The real estate market in the city has witnessed many ups and downs over the decades but it has always been on the radar of investors. Many buyers also talk about the historic significance, the lifestyle and the economic strength of the city. Baltimore is one of the major seaports and indeed has an eclectic bouquet of properties. There are various types of houses, including historic buildings and uniquely colorful homes. However, the real estate market in the city has been witnessing stagnancy in recent times and this, according to Evan Roberts, should be factored in while considering an investment. Interested homeowners can read a recent press release they published at

The owner of a top We Buy Houses company, Evan Roberts says that Columbia is a much better destination for real estate investors and buyers. While many neighborhoods in Baltimore are undergoing gentrification, the historic properties in Columbia are being restored so the local communities can benefit from the renaissance and the architectural heritage is preserved. The real estate market in Columbia is expanding and there is a marked resurgence in new home construction. Columbia is also a relatively affordable real estate market compared to major cities in the country. The city offers a fine balance of work and fun. The cost of living is not nearly as high as the top cities in the east and northeast. The appreciating home prices also provide a lucrative opportunity for those interested in flipping houses.

Evan Roberts of Dependable Homebuyers says that the cost of properties and also the rents in Baltimore are much higher than those in Columbia. He says that the safest and trendiest neighborhoods in Baltimore can turn out to be very costly, especially for young professionals who cannot buy houses and hence have to rent. Those renting often have to rely on roommates or else they have to live from paycheck to paycheck. Buying a house has become a challenge for young people due to the high prices and also the repeated hikes in the interest rates. Families have a tough time deciding since Baltimore is not particular known for the best schools or colleges in the region. Columbia fares much better for both young professionals or entrepreneurs and families with kids.

Baltimore has its strengths but considering the financial implications, livelihood and other essential factors, Columbia real estate is a much better proposition. The city offers all modern civic amenities. It has safer neighborhoods and there is no shortage of inventory. There are sufficient houses for sale, including new and pre-owned homes. There are many distressed properties as well. Roberts says that the distressed properties provide a highly profitable opportunity for investors and those interested in flipping houses. His real estate investment firm has been buying houses in Columbia for nearly a decade now. The company has churned profits with every acquisition. They have flipped properties, bought hoarder houses and also invested in rentals. Investors and flippers can explore such opportunities in and around the city of Columbia. To learn more about Dependable Homebuyers and what they have to offer, contact them for more details


For more information about Dependable Homebuyers Columbia MD, contact the company here:

Dependable Homebuyers Columbia MD
Evan Roberts
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7089 Copperwood Way, Columbia, MD 21046

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